No strangers to the music scene as once known under their monikers as Vic and Gab. The Milwaukee sisters whose first foray into pop declared them a pop rock outfit have entered into a new career phase which is breathing life as fizzingly electronic popcentric.

Reintroducing themselves as Reyna, the young siblings forge their way forward with a positive outlook and verve aplenty on their plucky upbeat, debut turn “Spill Your Colors”.

Overseen by the same management team responsible for nurturing Lorde, the duo’s zoned-in dynamic electronic pop sound couldn’t be further removed from the esteemed alternative music maker and for that matter of their own Vic and Gab beginnings.

Venturing into the fully fledged pop arena though has given these girls passage to spice up on their content, which really wasn’t so suitable under their former indie guise. As Reyna they are right to do so because as young women having another bite at the pop cherry, well why not! It’s a sassy new skin they are climbing into and it fits their freshened-up re-model like a glove.

Excitingly bold, “Spill Your Colors” fires off the pop hooks like a rapid round of machine gun fire, unrelenting, determined in its aim and ultimate goal focus. This being to win us over with its sweet but naughty by nature dynamic.

We’ve got the feels for this as it sounds like something which can only grow in both appeal and potential. Oh and if we’re going to give this a nod of modern pop placement I’m calling it in as kinda like an upbeat version of Shura. 80’s filtered in pop with a splash of Say Lou Lou encrusted shimmer, all broiled up together in good measure.