Oh it all becomes that extra bit special to me when new emerging artists exercise a bit of creativity in their music making, as it’s so easy to follow what’s seen as trendy and hipster cool of the moment, but ahh I do err on the side of particularly bringing to light all shades of quality proven electro and pop. I listen through many upon many new music tracks in a week, so when that tingling sensation starts to kick in, I exactly know without a bead of hesitation, and in my expressed opinion, that a jewel of new music hope has entered the emerging artists arena.

Basically I shouldn’t be reinforcing to anybody the pop worthiness of the Swedes, being that it is common knowledge that as a nation the Swedish are at the top of the game in pop and innovative creative control STAT!

This new duo to note are formed from the embers of Swede pop sensations Le Kid with vocalist Johanna Berglund teaming up alongside the creatively inspired Stockholm producer Felix Persson. Together they are now to be known as R.A.B.B.I.I. which far from implying any Jewish connotations is a slimmed down take on their not so instantly memorable chosen band name of Revolutions Are Best Before Initial Inception.

The duo’s synth direction is best described as spectral electronica, which of course they’ve got an immense knack for making icy, hugely engaging and not remotely sparse sweeping flows of visionary sought and otherworldly entrancing melodical content.

Since their inception R.A.B.B.I.I. now have two tracks to their name, and the one that makes my heart thud just that tiny bit fastest is their newest cut, the quite spectacularly crafted left-of-field player “Hang Us High”. This track firmly puts me into the similar idiosyncratic mindset of that everyway amazing Catherdrals track “OOO AAA” that I served my alt-electronic pop obsessive appraisal of EQ love upon last year.

Diverse. Visionary. Chilling and quite beguiling fantastic!