Good quality, emerging electronic pop duos are a rare find, and are too few and far between on the current music landscape. Nevertheless, there is the odd gem of accomplished brilliance to be found beyond the saturation of, future R’n’B driven acts, which popularise modern pop. I’d like to introduce to PublicART, a rising duo based in Silverlake, California. Band members Jan Ozveren and Stevvi Alexander already have an interesting, background in the industry.(Quoted from the press release,) “Stevvi is the lead soloist for composer Ramin Djawadi’s touring production of the score from Game of Thrones, while Jan happens to be Charlie Puth’s primary guitar player on record and tour. Individually they’ve been making their bones as hired guns and collaborators for the likes of Frank Ocean, Macy Gray, Róisín Murphy, The Roots, Fleetwood Mac and Shakira among others.”

PublicART formed in, 2016, their first EP “Kites” dabbled with Americana, folk and R’n’B styles but they have since branched off to experiment in the electronic realm with “Modernika” the upcoming follow-up EP. By the very, ultra cool and stylish definition implied by the EP’s modish name choice, the duo’s newfound love of electronics, lives up to its best of its kind, embossed name tag. The first taste of PublicART’s sleek new electronic vision arrives with the chic, sophisticated track “Montreux.” The song takes its name from the Swiss epicentre renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, artistic culture and jazz. A place regarded as cosmopolitan, cultured and diverse. The track takes all essence of the uniquely spectacular alpine region and pours it into the immaculate mechanics of this song.

The song is very much an international concept and showcases bubbling electronics and indie elements with a sophisticated edge. Helmed with the breathy vocal tones of Stevvi’s subtle pastorally, evocative voice. A brilliant fusion of technology meets twinkling, atmospheric melody, meets lush vocal harmonies that are damn near impossible to ignore. The hypnotic allure of “Montreux” all works subtly at pulling you into PublicArt’s world. It’s a very, calming, soothing and pleasant soundscape in which to chill, contemplate and reboot.

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Twitter: @PublicArtMusic