Prime 3

We have been seduced by the melodic vocals and the general electro pop grasp of a New York based duo that is now launching themselves as Prime.

Formerly known as Dexter’s Kin, the subsequent rebirth as Prime brings with it a glossy electro pop strewn debut in “Heartbeat”.

Discounting the first few cautiously wonky introductory bars, that really don’t serve this track so well, but once through this to where the vocal kicks in we get to the true gritty workings of it’s power pop mightiness.

In a “Heartbeat” the track which initially piles in a resemblance to that of Owl City, lifts off the seat of it’s comfortable synth beginnings by graduating rapidly, building momentum and alternating the topline melody by an interspersed frenzied embellishment of edgy pop rock attitude, and eventually comes over as an intriguing dark/light spiky spectrum of melody blending, harmonies and overall towering pop styled sensibilities.

If this is a prime example of a glimpse into Prime’s forthcoming EP and debut album that are both set to be released in the upcoming months, then we can only ready ourselves for what looks to be an oncoming pop palooza of air punching anthems impregnated with sumptuously dreamy vocals

Prime are currently offering “Heartbeat” for FREE DOWNLOAD at their website.