Without a doubt, FiXT Neon has emerged as my new favourite independent retro synth-wave record label this year. (You might have noticed I’ve written about many of their artists.) To cap off a stunning run of releases through 2020, they have announced a new addition to their impressive roster. The San Francisco based indie-pop duo OVRGRWN has joined the ranks alongside PRIZM, Meet Me In Orbit, MODERNS etc. Having come to know, what fine-taste master brains behind the label FiXT Neon label James Rhodes and Klayton have. I was therefore extremely, keen to check out their newest acquisition OVRGRWN as I felt sure I wouldn’t be disappointed by what I heard.

What really clinched the deal in grabbing my attention was that the duo’s debut on FiXT Neon comes by way of a re-release of their introductory body of work. The EP titled “O Well.” Which is coincidently a phrase I’ve found myself saying a lot during 2020. Since their inception in 2019, OVRGRWN (Brandon and Danae) have set about establishing a style and soundscapes draped in the nostalgia of 80s electronica. Wafts of sensational technicolour sounds, futuristic leaning beats teamed with dreamy vocals. Music which falls in a similar lane to, Annie, Niki & the Dove, The Sound of Arrows and Empire of the Sun.

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The EP opens with “Had to Go,” instantly setting the mood of the ten-track release. (Five lyrical narratives, five instrumental). A collection of melody-heavy, intoxicating stand-out tracks combed through with dark, mysterious lyrics. These are tracks which conjure up images of epic 80s sci-fi movies like TRON, Drive, The Flight of the Navigator. Excellent examples of the kind of films you’ll likeliest see repeated annually on TV schedules during the festive holidays. As far as I am aware, OVRGRWN does not yet have a movie in the works. They do, however, promise new music arriving in the new year. From checking out their debut EP “O Well.” They seem as though they have the makings of a dreamy synth-pop duo, I can envisage myself effortlessly becoming fascinated with. Does OVRGRWN leave you similarly spellbound?… take a luxuriating listen to “O Well” and let it take over your playlist.

Connect with OVRGRWN
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ovrgrwn
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ovrgrwnmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ovrgrwnmusic/

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