Sure you remember those days, not so long when it felt like everyone was going batshit crazy for New York pop duo Sofi Tukker. Not least because, the duo’s Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern brand and music styling are in the best respects, kinda out there revelling in their own uniqueness. Well, I wanted to introduce you all to a relatively new project MUNNYCAT. As I feel they share a few of the same band traits as Sofi Tukker. I also think MUNNYCAT creators K808 and Khaledzou deserve that a similar furore is made about them.

By trade K808 and Khaledzou (a.k.a. Katianne Timko and Khaled Tabbara) are producers but not only this, they have already had their songs featured in a credible number of TV commercials. Their insanely fresh track “Level Up” (La Di Da) features on the FIFA 19 “The Definitive LaLiga Experience” trailer. This is a prime spot to score coverage on and particularly with the FIFA brand. I know this much, through my son’s who are avid players of the game. Even though I don’t participate in FIFA gameplay myself, I have always got my ears open to what bands get featured on this gamers soundtrack, more often than not they are crawling with a hotbed of notable emerging talent.

This week saw MUNNYCAT release their new single “Go-Go A-Go-Go” and since I first checked it out, I have been going wildly nutzoid for this catchy infectious track. It is LIT! The song is seriously punching above the weight of the ton of electronic pop tracks released this week. For one thing, the energy of the track is uncontainable. Prepared or not it will whack you in the chops and wake up your senses. So if you’ve been sleeping on electronic pop because you’ve found it to be dull and stuck in a rut, I am politely telling you now MUNNYCAT are comparable to the startling ring-a-ring from your alarm clock, alerting you to get your head up into their vibes. You know how The B-52’s injected pop with their zany out-of-the-ball-park, coolness, from where I am looking at, MUNNYCAT are tapping into a spirited style which is groovaliciously similar to that.

Sound the instant fan alarm! Hat tip goes to Erica for reaching out and introducing me, to the fabulosity that is MUNNYCAT.

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