Meet Alexander Beats and Jinx McGee. They are provocatively named duo Middlespoon. Together they are ready to add some funky vibes and soulfulness on the music scene through their thoughtfully charismatic brand of pop.

Middlespoon is more than just a dance pop band who like to wear colourful clothes. Embedded in the upbeat rhythms of the duo’s lively songs are important modern social issues which come through in the lyrics. Their support of the LGBTQ community playing an important role.

The duo is coming out today with their first release, a song called “LightningBug” which premiere’s with us today. The catchy refrains and the sassy sound is instant classic material and takes a little from DNCE with a sprinkling of Chromeo exuberance added in for good measure.

LightningBug” is lush and synthy, uber cool but blissed out and funky fresh too. Chances are after just one listen it will stay with you all day through.

Find Middlespoon on:
Twitter: @middlespoonmusi