This news I am sharing shouldn’t be incredible, but actually is. I received a new song by a newly formed electronic duo. They are the UK-based husband and wife duo, LUNGE. “Off With Their Heads” is their song. What is more, the quirky, offbeat offering, one hundred per cent brought a smile to my face when I first heard it the other day.

Both band members Viva Seifert and Mark “Arp” Cleveland have past music lives. Strangely neither were active however in pop or electronic circles prior to this. Meaning. Their project LUNGE is an entirely new aesthetic for them. With two releases under their belt, they are quite forward-thinking about perfecting their sound from old and new influences. LUNGE songs are honed from the past, but sculpted in the present.

Describing their track, the duo says,

Off With Their Heads” is about letting go. Severance from your past world(s) in order to craft a new love raft.”

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Here is a duo who does not bow to trends. I can tell they are in this for the creativity and for the making of art only. What makes me think this way, is because they’ve also set up their own imprint, Raw Carrots. It is where they release through Brace Yourself Distribution.

In listening to the music, I hear some influence from La Roux in parts. A unique quality they possess, they also have a directness in their lyrics that is unmatched and which reads like a page torn from a contemporary styled poetry book. If you are tired of vacuous lyrics. I can confirm LUNGE will be your antidote. The words they impart are far more interesting than those used for chart-bound heartbreak pop songs.

A favourite lyric of mine from the song is…

“A little love can feel like a lot when you’re back is up and you’re f**ked.”

With LUNGE, lyrics is their power tool. They also possess another superpower which makes them stand out. Viva Seifert. She has a voice that’s as distinctive as Kate Bush‘s was from back in the day. With her performance, Viva brings a theatrical-like twist to the electronic pop of LUNGE. I like that she has a voice that won’t blur into a crowd of sound-a-like pop voices.

If you have grown tired of new pop acts that bare a musical resemblance to Lady Gaga, Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish (like most do at present). LUNGE, with its unique brand of outward-looking electronica, maybe one for you to try.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/lunge_____
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lunge_____/