If you’re a frequent reader of EQ you’ll be suitably aware that we’ve held kind of a fascination with Eastern European electronic-pop over the years. There’s just so many high end amazing acts coming out of this particular pop landscape, of course meaning Sergey Lazarev, Max Barskih, Kazaky and Tesla Boy to just shout out a few! We’ve always found this music tundra a rich pickings in seeking out more.

Although, seems right as of now we’ve a new hot on-the-tip Ukrainian duo to meet in Lakeway.

Word is Alex and Dima who make-up the duo have been quite the draw on the festival circuit out in their native Ukraine and now the plan as their manager has told me, is to take it to the next level and extend this to bringing their live show abroad. Oooh abroad as in the UK?, we can only but hope!

Lakeway already have two EP’s to their name “Beginning” and “Heartbeat” but they’ve recently undergone a line-up change and have been working up their musicianship which wasn’t in anyway so shabby in the first instance, to no end. I have to tell you, when I stumbled upon them online, I was won-over in a quick minute of going in for a listen. A proper heart-pounding, adrenaline surging moment or two ensued.

So we might come in on Lakeway’s third release, but it’s their first effort as a duo.

Totally the “Revelations” EP sways in likeness to Hurts at times, in particular “Promises”, “Everything You Wanted” and “Track of Time”, which each give off some of that same dark enthemed dramatic boldness which Hurts are noted for.

Alex and Dima though, are keen to shake-up it a little in the name of experimentation and they even dip their toe into a differing direction on “3am” by inviting rapper Drastic in on the proceedings. If it sure worked out for Sergey Lazarev pairing up with T. Pain on “Cure The Thunder”, it sure as eggs can be a deed done in stretching boundaries by Lakeway too!

Actually, to my mind pretty much everything of this EP ticks the boxes of new found electronic-pop crush off nicely. I think as much as their music peers in Eastern Europe, Lakeway can definitely make more than a few new fans out of the rest of Europe and beyond, don’t you?!

HELP! Now, if they can only sort out their Itunes links or get these scintillating synth-pop songs popped up on Spotify real soon, you can count on me enjoying all the best the “Revelations” EP has to offer in vast amounts of unashamed pleasure for absolutely days on end.

*UPDATE – They heard my plea, the digital links are now out!