I must admit I didn’t look too closely into emerging electronic pop trio Kyoti to begin with, when I was sent in a couple of tracks last year. Then again, having just been prompted to take a look at the band’s debut EP “Orbit”, I’m now of the opinion that, I wasn’t furnished with the most impressionably exciting tracks, that would have held most appeal with me anyways.

These London newcomers are erring more to the minimal side of things, capturing an arty chillwave aesthetic which is best associated to the greater extent with James Blake and SOHN. Now, as influential as both artists are in the realm of subdued, spaced out electronica, the overall dynamic of their material doesn’t so hugely excite my personal taste.

Whilst, there is a notably distinct presence of the woozy electronic underpinning, garnered of their contemporaries, channelled in on Kyoti’s “Orbit” EP. The mini collection of tracks offered up something that I wasn’t expecting. A quirky and jaunty style seeping into Kyoti’s sonically, resonating electronic vein. A style which predominantly shines through, with a shimmery synth glimmer on tracks “Acceptably Sane” and “Battle Cry” (these being the two tracks that stood out to me the most). Of the EP, consider these tracks the most upbeat and joyous, if not a little psychologically encompassed. A style which I find somewhat preferable that Kyoti might consider to expand upon., being that it translates by far, as being memorably distinctive.

Overall what Kyoti show here is a good to firm knowledge of production and crafting, but it is with “Acceptably Sane” and “Battle Cry” that they have the best chance of longevity as a band.