Let me tell you, I have been knocked for six in a good way, in being introduced to emerging Anglo / Scottish band Koba. Although, on first glance was under the assumption that the content I was hearing was belonging to that of a solo act and would have concluded so, in light that further insight on the band is currently locked on the minimal side for the time being.

What I am additionally at liberty of knowing though, is that Koba are infact, a 4 piece outfit coming together last year who have now worked up some material to release, and which presently see’s Double A sided debut “Dressed In Black” / “79 Weeks” practically fresh out of the oven as they say!

Current focus track “Dressed In Black” that has won over my favour, is one which engagingly flows with a warming opulence, whilst dutifully plays out on a sonically evolved R’n’B palette but which is ultimately headed up in a blossoming pop sensitive direction sought through the captivating topline which is delivered of soulfully tinged vocals.

In a nutshell, the production is on the money also, and raises the thought that maybe MNEK should be the chap to seek out for a remix or two. I think the results on that would be something aptly suited, and definitely should be seriously considered as food for thought.

In it’s overall effect “Dressed In Black” is quite powerfully bedazzling whilst captivatingly formed of an intoxicating pop potent elixir that ultimately leaves the listener suitably yearning for more.