I love it when emerging acts such as, Scottish duo Kendama, set about proving to those who think synth/electronic pop bands are on the decline, that this style of pop is still regarded as a favourite choice, by lots of us. Kendama, Stuart Edgar (vocals, keyboard) and John Davidson (drums) have only been in existence for one year. Yet, they certainly caused everyone within listening distance to sit up, and listen when releasing their impacting debut single “Wake,” in February. Also, I feel Kendama has been very savvy-minded to jump into the void left behind by fellow Glasgow synth-poppers, Prides who are currently on hiatus.

Besides, it is more than coincidence that I mention Prides since, Callum Wiseman of, said band, along with Bruce Rintoul, produced Kendama’s debut release “Wake“. Being the Prides band fan, that I am, is it any wonder that I found Kendama’s sound so appealing? Short answer, I think not!

Following up on their opening gambit comes “Closure“. Which is again, a buzz with electrifying synth-pop flavours bound with skilled lyricism.

“”Closure” is about being, incredibly, close with someone, and then at some point down the line, the connection between you just isn’t the same. For a while, you fight for it, looking for a spark or anything that was similar to how it was before. People just drift away sometimes, and that’s fine, but this is about when that person just stops talking without any particular reason. You reach out and there is nothing back, so at some point, you just think enough is enough, and move on. End the chapter, close the book” -says the band.

What I notice about “Closure” is, that the track allows Kendama to explore more of the electronic-pop genre, this time around. When expanding their sound with such vast, epicness, consequently establishes they are a duo who get the party going while pushing the envelope. I must say, I am particularly liking the all guns blazing approach, from Kendama being that I can hear their conviction quite clearly with every punch of a beat and the smart mindedness in their words. Even when you don’t particularly feel like jumping around, they are a band who will make you want to jump around.

The duo going on a small tour around Scotland during November.

Tour Dates:
15th Aberdeen – The Cellar
16th Inverness – Market Bar
17th Dundee – Conroy’s Basement
22nd Kirkcaldy – Windsor Hotel
23rd Edinburgh – The Mash House
24th Glasgow – Broadcast

Ticket link for tour dates:

Connect with Kendama
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kendamaband
Twitter: @kendamaband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kendamaband_/