It’s been a minute since I discovered an emerging electronic duo to cover as an emerging artist’s feature on this blog. However, I’m so grateful that KÅRP, the Swedish synth duo, reached out to me to share their latest release, “Greasy Makeup.” Since this track has reminded me of the immense pleasure of listening to exceptionally crafted experimental electronica songs.

These enigmatic artists seem to keep to themselves and don’t reveal much about their personal lives. Likewise, their music has a sense of mystery about it. It feels as though the music continually allows us to explore the unknown with them. Therefore, I have to say KÅRP is definitely doing everything on brand!

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I recently found out they have an EP coming out soon. And although the EP’s title itself remains under wraps, the lead track is their new song, “Greasy Makeup.” I also discovered that the duo is at least really enthusiastic about discussing their music in depth, which makes me appreciate them even more.

“This is the beginning of the end of the beginning. We are living in a time where it feels like the world has abandoned us. I mean, us humans. Everyone reacts differently to being abandoned; some arm themselves for battle, while others go out in the rain and let tears run down their cheeks. Whichever you prefer, we recommend that you do it to the sounds of “Greasy Makeup.” – KÅRP

It is impossible not to be fascinated by this duo. Since their signature sound is so unique and captivating it’s hard not to be drawn in. They have managed to create a sound that is both intense and tender. A sense of drama is, heightened by the pulsating synth lines and obscure lyrics. It’s awe-inspiring how they can capture both the nostalgia of days gone by and the excitement of what’s yet to come with just one stroke. I think anyone who appreciates avant-garde music would enjoy KÅRP’s music.

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