Kaneholler are an electronic soul duo I have only just become aware of via my Spotify Discover Weekly round-up. Usually the case is, that I skim through these Spotify curated, selections of tracks being that the majority of the emerging acts have some way or other already made their way into my inbox. Not so much the case of Kaneholler, whose slinky, princely funk cut “Lite Brite” which had me onside in the matter of milliseconds, shook in sonic ecstasy to the Prince like funk, Deee-Lite psychedelic disco vibes.

Being the geek like I am, I wanted to know everything about them, so went straight into sleuth mode. To cut to the chase, Kaneholler are actually none other than actor Jon Foster, brother of the X-Men actor Ben Foster. Together with Chelsea Tyler daughter of Steven Tyler from Aerosmith, they formed Kaneholler and got together musically in 2011.

As Kaneholler they’ve spun out a series of EP’s but where the duo are now with the hypnotic “Lite Brite” is the starting place to grow their debut album from.

Whilst I suspect Jon and Chelsea aren’t trying to make so much of their showbizzy upbringings, preferring to be recognised for their own careers. This fusion of retro and future fresh grooves are a promising direction for Kaneholler to venture into. Sounding a whole lotta cool and magnetically inviting. This is the kind of music that is easy to form an affinity with.