Manchester’s synth-pop trio Hot Minute are three savvy women, Keely Hutchinson, Courtney Williams and Bella Casson. But don’t call them ‘just’ a girl band because they are very much in control of their own music career. Where they are not obeying the constraints of being signed to a record label or coming up against misogynistic remarks. The all-female outfit, set up their own recording label Hotter Than Hell Records and have begun to make an impression with their gritty edged, independent releases.

Leading the way out of the rabbit hole, “Magic” became their first release in June. A steely synth-pop number emboldened with retro and new-wave nuances, stemming from the 80s. Setting a precedent, with the continuing direction of their music in mind. Hot Minute have chosen, spooky season to follow up their initial success with the ghoulish aptly named second single “Hell Is Empty.”

Of the new single. Suitably with Halloween just around the corner, the mood is set by an eerie gurgle of swirling synths. The tone is dark and foreboding, their voices glinting with dark deliciousness, slithering out of the nocturnally, pummelling electronic beats. Affirming that the latest hot tip out of Manchester, are not to be looked upon as a paler version of Pale Waves, but hold up, as an equally bold and alluring prospect. Who are more than capable of picking up momentum under their own red hot, steam.

Vocalist Keely Hutchinson of the band further, explains…

Hell is Empty is a modern-day anthem about taking back the power that you believe you are owed – and by any means necessary. When we formed, this is the first song we wrote after we realised we’d all experienced the all too familiar music industry bullshit.”

Both tracks act as a grand introduction to the bands, spidery spun synth-pop. Spurred on by the success, garnered by other acts in the same genre, such as Pale Waves, Muna and The Japanese House, leads me to suspect they are a band of newcomers who will be around for more than just ‘a’ hot minute.

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