Hannah Koppenburg and Annie Wagstaff are Hannie (see what they did there?) a female production duo based in East London. Hannah plays keys, as you will find most of her social media handles point out and Annie wields the guitar mostly. To be fair, they are a two women team of multi-instrumentalists. The point is the ladies are giving the male-dominant production arena a run for their money, pretty much in the same way as Australian DJ-producer girls Nervo have done. However, newcomers Hannie are a bit more exciting to me because of their instrumental skills and musicality.

I have a confession to make, I initially held back from writing about these ladies when they dropped their really good debut single “Cosmic Bound” a couple of months ago. In truth, I was eagerly anticipating a music video to follow in support of the release. Mainly, because of the duo rising-up by posting their online videos to YouTube, I felt quietly hopeful, Hannah and Annie would follow suit and give us a look in at them masterfully creating their loops and beats to the track. Strangely a clip didn’t materialise but thought to myself I’d catch them around the next time.

My foresight has paid off follow-up track “Target” featuring on-the-rise songstress Ralph is every bit as special, as “Cosmic Bound” the infectious debut offering. The dynamic duo with their carefully sought out vocalist plus ones, capture a vibrant, pop energy which sounds ready to spill out on to radio and the dancefloor. Even though Hannie is concentrating on seeking out the hot and newest in vocal talent, I think it would be more interesting to hear a Dua Lipa collaboration from them than with Calvin Harris.

The two tracks from Hannie, leave me excited to hear much more from the talented outfit, as they continue to draw inspiration from their musician origins and innovate the future.

Connect with Hannie
Facebook: https://facebook.com/hannieplays
Twitter: @hanniemusic
Instagram: https://instagram.com/hannieplays