Brace yourselves fan girls.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this.


These four lads are Sebastian, Kyle, Shane, and Jaxon. They met as individual finalists on The Voice Belgium and are Belgium’s newest pop sensations, The Fourth Kingdom (familiarized as 4TK).

The Fourth Kingdom is different from other boy bands. They don’t rock or keep to radio friendly formulas in the search for hits. The band sets themselves apart with a broody tone, which has a bit of R’n’B added for a measure of dark and melancholy blending in their sound.

The single “Broken” is a ballad. So believe it or not, there aren’t any opportunities for stereotypical boy band choreography sequences to come into play in the video. Instead, these lovely Belgian boys are nursing their broken hearts in a derelict warehouse, because some lady has cheated on them and it adds to the sense of desolation and loneliness.

It is interesting that the band hasn’t come out all chirpy and atypical boy band. Nonetheless, this potent and emotive debut from The Fourth Kingdom is mesmerisingly soul bearing and intense. “Broken“, leaves a bold impression which is rare to find in today’s world of overhyped and manufactured pop.

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