Here are two producers who I have been listening to a bit recently. They are the Los Angeles-based indie-electronic duo Forester. Xander Carlson and David Parris. I felt a connection to their music. Because they take inspiration from nature and their surroundings, then add some cool electronic elements to it. Often Forester’s offerings are dreamy like Aquilo. Of the acoustic/electronic vein that ran through their debut “Silhouettes” album. Forester’s tracks have names like “Symphony,” “Islands,” “The Flood,” and “Falling Water“. The synergy they have with the outdoors environment and the natural world cannot be taken lightly nor neither mistaken.

This duo is quite different to what I would expect two LA residents to sound like and be inspired by. Although it is exactly that, how they are breaking away from the norm that endears me to them. That and everything they produce sounds so chilling, soothing, calming. And no throw-away pop stylings insight. The latest “Falling Water” is immaculately executed, and so far as Forester is concerned, an out and out bop.

Forester shares, “‘Falling Water’ is about finding a beacon of light in dark times. Recently we’ve found it really important to keep these beacons close to us. Whether they come in the form of people, places, music, or nature, we all need them to stay grounded and positive.”

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For me, Forester has tapped the sound of summer 2021 into this cute, beautifully arranged two and a half minute long track. Because I feel I will be pulling this track out for a play whenever I need a blast of summery vibes to help me through the winter months. The mood emitted is intoxicating and enveloping. Gentle on my ears and blissfully uplifting to my soul. Forester knows they are, are onto something good. Their uplifting and undeniably catchy sound is shaping up to be quite understated but also spectacular.

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