From time to time, you will notice us supporting/singing the praises of a few major recording artists. But as always the primary goal here on EQ Music Blog is (and always has been) raising awareness of new music artists in the process of breaking out with a bigger presence. I feel like there are far more electronic pop acts waiting to be discovered right now than there has been for a while. And, you have my word if I am not alerted to the appropriate kind of electronic pop newcomers I will sift them out myself. Australia, in particular, is experiencing a boom time in this area, I’ve been observing the flux of newbies with interest. As I know, Raj is waiting to hear if his application to attend SXSW once again this year, has been successful. I wanted to flag up female Perth duo Feels who are scheduled to play during the festival, as an early tip, he might deem worthy to go check out.

Classically trained percussionists and electronic producers Elise Reitze and Rosie Taylor are the two music brains behind Feels. They have amassed an impressive catalogue of tracks since debuting work online some eighteen months ago. It seems to me that their act has the potential to prove popular, being as last year G Flip paved the way for Australian women musicians/drummers.

The style in music Feels are going with is more rhythmically charged than that of G Flip. These ladies work with Ableton sequenced looping patterns which they mingle with heavy accented percussion elements. Yet there is a wonderful freshness of authenticity, stemming from these beat-making masterminds. Which I discovered for myself having spent some time flipping my way through all of the gals material online. It is truly mesmerising, especially in their instrumental pieces like “Binary Bounce” and “Research” how they’ve seemingly circled back to a glitchier electronic style which feels somewhat similar to the chiptune aesthetic. I really dig this, because it is thrillingly nostalgic. It also feels inspiring in a way. An essence of freestyle and of improvisation prevails.

Feels tracks may have been planned and structured in the studio however they don’t necessarily appear as being premeditated. More, in keeping with the notion that the duo is adopting a process of composing on-the-spot. With a style that exists between the band and the audience for one time only and all about the moment.

Connect with Feels
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