Emerging Artists: Fake Sibling

If the stirring melodies and sweetly yearning vocal style of London Grammar scored you as a fan. I think it’s kind of a safe bet that in introducing you to emerging Australian trio Fake Sibling you are going to appreciate every bit of their style. Which I feel, is not unlike the slow burning kind of electronic pop which Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman and Dominic Major of London Grammar are most known and highly regarded for.

These Melbourne based musicians have recently debuted a sublimely breath-taking track called “Bring Me Here” which is geared of real epicness. Down to the choice of expansively chill electronica and emotively rich, vocal tones of Vocalist Sophie which when layered against one another are like a really nice deli sandwich or a bowl of your favourite comfort food.

It’s an opulent mix of sonically lush arrangements which Adam Beath, Dave Gillan and Sophie Officer of Fake Sibling bring to notice. They have made it all too easy to get swept up in the swell of hypnotic sound too. As the poignancy in “Bring Me Here’s” somewhat forlorn lyrics, form part of its greatest asset also. There’s much enveloping power behind a track which will take you off a place of higher presence all within a quick minute. Fake Sibling’s “Bring Me Here” achieves this, in what feels like an almost effortless fashion.

There are some definite skills on board when it comes to this trio of Aussies. And since my press release reads “Fake Sibling are enamoured and addicted to writing new music”, happen that the chances of finding a new track or two from them peeping up online, will be more of an imminent time frame. Ensuring they’ll not keep us waiting for years to hear back from them, unlike some emerging new acts do. Those who wither and disappear off the face of the earth spiralling into one hit wonder land after, they land their debut release. One taste of the pop life and they’re gone all too soon.