Nowadays, there’s an abundance of pop, indie, alt and dance-pop artists on the rise. Therefore you may have noticed notable in their absence from that list are synth-pop and electronic bands. Which begs the question, where have all the newcomer electronic and electro acts gone? I wish I knew the answer to that question. Since there are still some of us electro-heads out here (myself included) who are craving to hear about up-and-coming musicians in these genres. Therefore a word of warning goes out to any electro-heads currently reading EQ Music Blog. Hang onto your hats, as I am about to introduce d3adc0de to you. In 2020, Stephen Sims and Steven Morgan formed the electro-rock duo after they met at a cyber-security institute where they worked as ethical hackers.

They both share a music history in rock bands. Yet when forming d3adc0de were keen to create a seamless hybrid of rock and electronic music that feeds off of their sci-fi passions. Bringing these elements together has spawned an ambitious blend of exhilarating electro. Comprising of stadium-sized speaker-shaking driving beats combined with techno-esque flourishes.

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In their sophomore single “Call Out The Liars,” d3adc0de takes a stand against victim blaming.

“Call out the liars who let the victims take the blame. The fallen conspire to make it through, just make it through tonight.”

I have to say that d3adc0de’s appearance on the music scene and Stephen Sims’ noticeable rock vocals have got me thinking about the core music audience of this Miami-based band. The music is doubtlessly electro, which fans of The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy will appreciate. Yet, the USA is not so much world-renowned for producing bands like them. Although there is, I recall, The Crystal Method and who has incidentally remixed d3adc0de’s debut track “Fight Or Flight.”

When bearing the above mind, it is just as well the band plan an immersive experience, comprising an ambitious project that bends the lines between music, cinema, performance and the metaverse world.

I applaud d3adc0de for making the music they want to make rather than following suit of everyone else. Although, I feel they might benefit from a few more high-profile remixes to ensure the interest in them keeps brewing. Also ensuring the music is noticed by the listeners who will appreciate them the most. (Which I tend to consider is the UK).

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