The new crop of producers coming through continues to go from strength to strength. One of the newest names to emerge in the EDM genre is that of German producer Chris Martines, who at 20 years old has just released his debut EP through his newly founded record label ARA Recordings.

Recording and self-releasing material is a goal which many artists strive to achieve. Chris Martines has accomplished the target with his debut release. The EP goes under the name “Fairy Tale“, which we can conclude, implies realising the dream. Something which was probably always on the cards, due to the fact Chris grew up in a family who has a background in music.

Chris has ventured out at the right time with “Fairy Tale“. The style falls under the rnb end of EDM which has seen a surge in popularity during recent years. Bearing in mind, the EP is the introductory effort by a breakout artist it is amazing to hear just how immaculate the standard of the production work is. It would have been nice to know more information about the vocalists who feature throughout the EP though because these vocal matches are commendable and deserve merit of their own.

For now, Chris Martines is chasing on the tailcoats of forebears like Zedd and The Chainsmokers. The likelihood of watching his name grow in stature is inevitable.

Connect with Chris Martines
Twitter: @chrismartines16