They come from the land of A-Ha and Röyskopp and whilst we may not hear of such an influx of new artists springing up all over like their Swedish neighbours, when Norway does offer up new talent it is for the most part rule of thumb also that it is of a pretty sound and ear pleasing nature.

So it is that our attention is now met with the ascending duo of Michael Markussen and Jim André Bergsted known for the past year as Cars and Calories.

Secured by two previous tracks already under their belt in the power-pop weighted “Runner Up” and “Here”, the pairing subsequently tone down slightly and colour up on the electro-pop content on their latest release “To The Extreme”.

Dare we comment, that the vocal tonalities along with compositional elements of “To The Extreme” lean a little on the Owl City side of soft pop equation although, juzzing it up the Cars and Calories way, means when all spun out the results gleam with a flourish of pop suited sensibilities crisped up with an added edge of arena filling dynamics befitting of a promising new act.

Cars and Calories certainly know the drill of how to succeed in interpreting and vocally fleshing out the delivery of super infectious chorus lines put in place by their song-writing team on this track of band member Jim André Bergsted and additionally assisted by Charlie Mason and Eric Höjdén.

All of which when pooled together within their rousing brew of electro-pop harmony leave us exhilarated and living in the extreme moment with them, to the max and hopefully beyond on their next buzzingly dance bopping pop song, that’s where we’d wish it to go anyways.