There is more going on than first meets the eye with newly emerging duo Bright Sparks. Infact, both Ashley and Kim of the band have had their roots cemented in the music scene for a substantial amount of time. Where they’ve started out lending their songwriting skills to heavyweight producers as in Tiesto and Sam Feldt, before fully jumping on board with establishing an electronic embraced sound to call their own.

Bright Sparks may have been circulating around the periphery of pop for a while, as we can tell this much in an instant, just by tuning in for our first listen. These two have clearly made it their mission to rub shoulders with acclaimed and respected names in the industry which have ultimately led to Years & Years producer Andy Smith playing a key role in the launch of the duo with their first single “Wildfire”.

As soon as the track takes off with its clubby beats offering up a cut of seductive dancefloor erotica, there are no question marks raised by its unmistakable recognition that it has Andy Smith’s signature style imprint upon it. The wave of melodic framework unfurls out with a sense of the familiar about it. Yet, the dreamy falsetto shapes and smokily spoken vox which transcend over the chilled disco infusion, place Bright Sparks right in the centre of the hot action that is popularized and sought after right now.

Wildfire” as a first taste though, is wholly magnetic and memorable to have us rather roused in interest to be further entertained by Bright Sparks follow up efforts. Indeed it is quite an enjoyable endeavor that styles Bright Sparks as ones to watch as far as we’re concerned today.