It’s always inspiring to see artists taking risks and pursuing their passions. As a musician, it is understandable that after being part of a band for so many years, you may feel the need to take on new challenges and explore different avenues to further achieve artistic growth. This is precisely how Alex Reed, Matt Burns Poulos, and Steven Kopacz felt after being part of the American alt-rock band Go Radio since 2007. They recently decided it was time to branch out and start something new. This is how their band ‘Be Nice to People’ was created.

Speaking via email, Matt told us…

“We are self-releasing music we have wanted to make for a long time and figuring out how to do all that without a label.”

In 2022 BNTP started teaming up with songwriter, producer and brother Nick Dungo. The collaboration is already proving fruitful. “Gold” is the first single released by the outfit and gives us a taste of a new music style from these former rockers. Be Nice to People invites you to party with them – well their music anyway.

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Firstly, how could I not support this band when their chosen stage name, Be Nice to People, is especially, in these times, incredibly socially valid. Secondly, yet most significant, when checking out,… I liked their track “Gold.” And you might as well if you’re a fan of Empire of the Sun, Passion Pit, or The Naked and Famous. In fact, I can practically guarantee you will definitely enjoy this song. “Gold” has a similar sound and style to the bands mentioned above. This type of music, more often than not, does bring on nostalgic feelings and accordingly craving more of it.

In the song, I get the impression that the band is trying to convey that in life, material possessions are not important. Instead, what truly matters is the value we place on the experiences that we have and how we choose to live our lives. It’s about cherishing every moment and being grateful for the good times and the bad. In essence, the song reminds us to live life to its fullest potential. Furthermore, to appreciate the beauty in the world around us and also to never take anything for granted.

I have to say, Be Nice to People gives some great advice in their lyrics. Not only that, but they also have some seriously impressive musical skills. This tune is absolutely banging! I highly recommend giving it a listen.

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