It’s been a while since I spotlighted an emerging artist. Introducing Irish electro-pop group Babylamb. It feels good to be able to finally reconnect with some fresh, undiscovered talent on the blog. I have been listening to lots of immaculately polished pop lately. Therefore it was a nice change swapping gears with Babylamb’s indie sprinkled, electronic-pop stylings.

With the promo photo as my guide, I was fully hoping this band would not turn out like the Irish version of The Vamps. Even though I eyeballed the rose between the thorns (vocalist Laoise Fleming.) Being truthful, the song title “Icky,” didn’t appeal to me a whole lot. Nonetheless, I felt I should at least check out the band being as it’s kind of an anomaly these days to learn of new bands being of a mixed-gender set-up.

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What a surprise I got, when diving in for a first listen of “Icky.” The track wasn’t at all grungey or driven by a Brit-pop edge as I had anticipated. A wavy synth-pop intro hit me in my chops. Stuttering, electro beats followed, bound by shards of upbeat melody going into the euphorically driven chorus of the track. The first minute of the track, felt to me like the band were trying out every idea they might have scribbled down in their notebook. Other than startling my ears for a few seconds, I soon got into Babylamb’s unpredictable groove and began to really like the combination of melodic pop teamed with off-kilter vibes.

The press release says of the track, – “Icky is a heartfelt, adventurous ode to breaking the rules.” No hint of PR spin, it does sound exactly like that. I do feel Babylamb has some considerable way to go yet. What is more important at this time, is trying out ideas. Crucially they appear to be spilling over with them.

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