All Kings and Queens

Here we have coming into sight an emerging duo who are out to shake-up the pop arena a little. Well quite frankly, amen to this!

For brother and sister siblings All Kings and Queens, there is no messing around in igniting their pop sound either, as they are burning the gas right down to the pedal in a most confidently assured manner.

The London based duo are straight out of the gate and steaming ahead right up to the bumper, trailblazing a surge of bombastically fuzzy pop which sure leaves an impression of some positive potetential in its wake.

By way of introduction, All Kings and Queens are going all guns ablazing to establish themselves with a mega-sound which is stylisticially speaking, modern-pop making, traversing into a vortex of 80’s clad electronic pop dynamite.

Seen here below in All Kings and Queens debut cut “Voodoo”. The offering comes through with a mighty kick of glam roar to the floor approach, enabling it to quite knock any advancing new pop acts sideways and out of the water with their formidable, potent vigour that is for sure!

This crushing dark pop release has the added honour of being mixed by Heiko the man, behind tracks for HAIM & Giorgio Moroder and serves as a strappingly bold first insight to the band, to be having under their belt – on their first time out.

Plus, we are confidently assured that there is even more hugeness yet to come from these two. So this end, this news layers on an even bigger degree of all round excite.

All Kings and Queens have arrived like a blast of fresh air onto the new music landscape, and this is by no mistake. Make sure you are ready for more by picking up the FREE DOWNLOAD.

FREE DOWNLOAD “VOODOO” by All Kings and Queens