Today I learned, that some music festivals actually have tribute music festivals. Yeah really! In as much as there are tribute acts paying homage to well-known and well loved music acts, there is actually a tribute festival that recognises such degrees of talent to the extent that it calls itself Glastonbudget. Well I never did!

I come to know of the above, in passing of becoming introduced to Leicester based production duo Adventurer, who apparently headlined this gig themselves a few years ago but at that time were not known as Adventurer, just as friends and band mates Fred and Alex who have been in a number of music projects together over the years with the majority of them spent rocketing the heavy metal scene.

With time comes a change, a complete change and a welcome change in our eyes to that of electronic music production. Even better they are rather good at it and are already known to have supported both Pixie Lott and Pendulum.

Adventurer are set to make a splash with the simultaneous release of two new singles “Take Me Higher” and “Until The Sun Goes Down”. Noted both tracks revolve around the EDM base of house orientation, equally showcasing that as Adventurer the duo now know their way around nailing down a mean and memorable hookline.

The overall production from Adventurer is also precise, crisp and on the money and we’d be sure they’d be raking some in if they were to take these electro-house diddies over to the clubs of Ibiza.

I have no idea how Fred and Alex might have sounded previously in their guises as heavy metal princes of darkness but re-packaged as Adventurer producers of electro they are cutting it up juicy and sounding pretty damn current with it. All this and they can most certainly sing also.