Zella Day 1

The direct first impression that is gleaned upon listening to the debut track of “Sweet Ophelia” by aspiring new artist Zella Day, is one of a forward thinking, eclectic pop maverick figure, who arrives to the full beam of our attention by expressing a tone of fragility within her comprehensively mingled alt-pop formula.

Whilst, much of the L.A. based singer/songwriter’s bohemian outlook can be traced back to Zella’s childhood that was spent living within a secluded mountain top town in Arizona and at the family run business of a Coffee House. It was here that Zella came into contact with local musicians, as they took upon the venue as a place to perform to the local community.

Impressionable and inspired by her immediate surroundings and direct musical influences, it doesn’t seem any wonder that the young Zella has come to define herself through music.

The debut of “Sweet Ophelia” embodies much of the inherited pop outlook that has been enriched into being by Zella’s at one with nature upbringing and engaging with a plethora of diversified music styles on-tap.

Pieced together like a spellbinding hybrid patchwork of intrinsically stabbing avant-garde electronica melded against Zella’s esoterically imposing Ellie Goulding turns Lorde vocals.

There is so much universally instinctive greatness on-going here in this debut, in steering that Zella Day is every which way one to watch.