I feel like making a new music discovery today. Looking into my inbox, the promo material for the latest Zach Hood track, “I Miss My Friends,” has really leapt out at me. I hate saying it, but Zach amassed a lot of attention on TikTok. His authentic and relatable lyricism struck a chord with the users of the platform. As they say, with this connection forged, the latest singer-songwriter sensation out of the USA was born. Or so it seems that way. He’s a breakthrough pop star now signed to Arista.

A year after his debut, the Alabama multi-talent has released six tracks and amassed over 70 million streams. The latest song, “I Miss My Friends,” has prompted me to write about Zach since being distinctively tender and poignant. The track is written about his move from Alabama to LA. As well as his feelings towards the friends he has left behind. As a result, this track has come out a touch slower and with more indie-pop flair than his previous efforts.

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I can’t decide who Zach or his music remind me of. Maybe it is a better idea that I don’t pigeonhole him this way. The musicality differs slightly with every new song shared. His artistry is evolving that quick. That whatever I notice on “I Miss My Friends” more than likely won’t apply to the subsequent follow-up releases anyways. For the sake of argument. Let me just mention Zach shares some of the artistic qualities the emotive singer-songwriter JP Saxe has.

I like the softer, laidback stylings of the track best out of all the releases. Zach delivers songwriting as strong as his vocals. I feel sure Zach will continue making a big splash everywhere his music takes him. I think when you get familiar with Zach’s track “I Miss My Friends” you’ll get a taste for more from this artist. EQ’s this fresh Alabama raised voice is one to get to know.

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