Boston-based, pop singer-songwriter Yavin wrote in recently, giving me an early heads-up about his latest single “Hot.” (which is now released.) I cannot stress enough. Listening to “Hot.” for the first time resulted in the best three and a half minutes of music discovery I’d had in a while when checking out my submissions. I immediately felt the music chemistry of the song, the quirky, yet endearing vibes and (how Yavin explains it) the heart-plastered-on-the-forehead lyrics. The experience of listening to and connecting with this song was one of those rare times that I wanted to type out a feature and share it straight away. I had to wait for Yavin to release this baby first, but believe me, I’ve played this track endlessly while I’ve waited for release day to arrive.

Being super excited about “Hot.” I reached back out to Yavin over email for a little more insight into the song. Below, he shares

Hot.” is a tune that I wrote about my experience in queer nightclubs. The beauty standards for queer men are pretty rigid; If you’re not a tall, tan, muscular guy with luscious hair & generically-stylish clothes. Your chances of getting anybody to look at you are pretty slim. I would be in clubs with my friends and see plenty of guys that I thought were cute, but approaching them never felt like something that was in the cards for me. Because rejection seemed pretty inevitable. So I wrote this based on a fantasy of having the courage to just suck it up & talk to them. But I also want this song to serve as a satirical reminder that beauty standards are stupid and annoyingly transparent. We’re all worthy of feeling hot, and nobody should ever make you feel less than stunning.”

Bravo Yavin. I like too much about your style, your slight awkwardness and your ability to pen sweet yet thoughtful tracks sharing your experiences in life. You’ve zoomed up, my hot new pop and emerging artist list because the open, authentic lyrics of “Hot.” And the delightful, catchy melody bled with whimsy caught my feels, in a good, way. It goes without saying, your smashing of stereotypes also sits well with me. Point me to where I gots to sign-up for the Yavin fan club. I want in!

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