Some while ago, I was made aware of up-and-coming American pop artist Wrabel and was immediately filled with a sense of excitement as I intently listened in to debut tracks “Ten Feet Tall” (a collaboration with Afrojack) and own single “Sideways”.

With my attention most engaged towards the soulfully gravitating pop banger “Sideways”, I actually held back from flagging Wrabel up as an Emerging Artist on EQ at the time. Since I was convinced at some point in what I considered to be the immediate future back then, the recording would surely become extensively available to territories outside of the US. Alas it did not ever happen to be supported in the UK and hence a potentially awesome pop talent never made it onto the pages of EQ.

I’ve since become quite incensed that once again, we’ve been cheated by the politics of pop and its silly rules of staggered territorial releases. Prompting me in action, to stall on lavishing the support and recognition on Wrabel first off, that I deemed he was most deserving of.

What you should know about Stephen Wrabel foremost, is that he is more than just a competent vocalist. His penmanship as a lyricist goes before him and has landed co-writes for the likes of Adam Lambert and Will Young.

Establishing a pop career in his own right remains high on the agenda for Wrabel though, as aside from injecting his creative weight into projects of esteemed recording artistes, Wrabel is actively continuing to work on his own material.

As a wider introduction to his music Wrabel has recently dropped a new taster pressing online titled “I Want You” which is also served as a free download.

Filtered under a burbling mid-tempo R’n’B smooth melody, Wrabel’s vocal skills are on-point in both adeptness and dynamical ranges. Boy can he hit those high’s! More than that, Wrabel’s vox is ultimately mellifluously swoonsome of vocal tone and lends itself in jauntily blissful ebullience of audio consumption.

FREE DOWNLOAD “I Want You” by Wrabel (via link)