Word! Singer/songwriter Wolfie is one to keep not only an eye on but both eyes on!

The South Londoner has entered the music scene as a ready-made artiste to note, and it’s clear from the onset that she’s already scooped up a fair amount of radio airplay owing to her accomplished understanding of composition and vocal dynamics.

Laura Wolfie hot footed it out of music school swiftly putting into action a firmly matured approach of R’n’B soulful pop making. Engineering a rich tableau of intrinsically placed sonic electronica as the point of focus, set amongst the soulful personality of her accessibily mellifluous vox.

It is in all ways interesting to note that Wolfie is seen a young experimentalist who clearly has vision within her sight and instinctively has the know-how of what works out best for her.

There is also the not so small matter of heartfelt honesty which presents itself through the beautifully turned narratives, which would lead one to think that Wolfie has been tripping out these proficiently strong tracks for a far more significant time than she actually has been doing so.

Our first point of engagement with Wolfie comes via the alluringly futuristic track “Seeds”. Although, smoky and sensual in it’s melodic state, gives rise to an overall glowing performance of vastness.

A veritiable vastness of talent, that is ripe to cause some serious recognition.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Seeds” by Wolfie (Via Annie Mac Presents)