Tell me, how many Winona’s have you heard about or know? I have only heard about Winona Ryder (the actress) until today. Another one is Winona Oak, a Swedish singer-songwriter who I just discovered. Also, I only just learned she has a vocal feature on The Chainsmokers 2018 track “Hope“. Admittedly, I do not remember this track at all. Even so, I am glad her press team contacted me about, “Island Of The Sun“. An icy electronic-pop release, suitably widescreen and cinematically epic.

My first impression when hearing the track is how similar her voice is to that of Sigrid. The ladies appear, like the songstress equivalent of peas in a pod. Whereas Sigrid prefers the pop end of the spectrum. After checking out Winona’s previous releases, I noticed she has a tendency to dabble in an edgier, alt-pop direction. I like both styles of music and find these Scandinavian pop artists are equally enjoyable to me.

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Island of the Sun” is the title track lifted off Winona’s soon to be released debut album.

When commenting on the new single, Winona has said…

“This song was created on a sunny evening in Los Angeles when I was going through a really tough time and felt more homesick than ever”.

“The island works as a metaphor for a place when everything is peaceful and simple. I want the island to represent a happy place in ourselves or in a relationship, a bittersweet yearning for a place we ache to go again.”

In the visually stunning music video, also just released for the track, Winona gives us a taste of what is meant by her happy place. Showing us crisp white, snow-covered landscapes as she travels through the tundra while seated atop a ski mobile. In the video, she makes no secret of her love for horses (she grew up a trained horse acrobat). She also takes a ride on a sledge pulled by some majestic looking Husky dogs. She really does show us what a slice of Nordic life is. It looks spectacular and inviting. I feel that Winona is beckoning us to go visit the delights of the Nordic countryside for ourselves. I am keen to pay a visit. First, I would make sure to treat myself to one of those trendy Sluvet coats that are currently all the rage.

I really can’t say enough good things about the music. But DO need to say Winona Oak is pretty damn good. I have checked out more of her tracks, and I can only comment further that I appreciate the sense of beauty and serenity I found in her music.

You’ll have to promise me that you’ll check Winona Oak because her music isn’t something you’re going to want to skip over.

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