I shall not be engaging in a lengthy discussion of why established music acts are criticized by their labels for failing to embrace TikTok. (You know what I am making reference to?) Let me not go here, it is not OK, alright. However, when scouting new music talent, the platform is coming up with the goods. By presenting acts that already have a substantial fan following. South African musician and songwriter Will Linley took to the platform in 2020. He arrived with a specific mission in mind. His goal is to challenge the music industry norms and claim a viral song as a young independent overseas artist.

After garnering 11.4M+ global streams and over a million YouTube views. Additionally, he has racked up 5 Million TikTok views, plus has had his debut release “miss me (when you’re gone)” used more than 5K times on TikTok. “wrong time,” the follow-up single, mustered a sizable response also. I consider Will is doing very well for himself.

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There is no magic formula to Will’s success thus far. It is merely that the lyrics are relatable to others and form the all-important connection between music artists and listeners. Although obviously, it does help that these tracks are as contagious as a dose of flu. His style is a mix of both Lauv and JORDY. Earworm melodies with songwriting and lyrical narratives at front and centre.

I don’t wanna be yours“, his third track, just came out. It is the song you might play to one of your friends if they suddenly start coming on strong to you, and you don’t feel the same way. With a verse and a chorus down of “i don’t wanna be yours,” they will soon know they are in the friend zone.

I can see the appeal Will Linley has. He’s hip with what is on-trend at the moment. He just needs to come out with more of these original lyrics. The way things are going, he’s gonna strike a chord and soon. When he achieves this new peak, he’ll be well on his way to securing chart domination. His name will be shining brightly up there, among the Lauv’s and Conan Gray’s (eventually). There is no doubt in my mind.

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