Out of the starters blocks with the release of his debut EP “Hangover” comes an 18 year old Phoenix, Arizona residing singer-songwriter / producer, whose taken on the moniker of Wars. A provocative name to be calling yourself, if you ask us, albeit so, owing to the lack of distinctiveness, (stick that in a search engine and you’ll not likely discover this young-ones rather encouraging electro-pop centric introductory effort at all.)

Granted Wars is a project in its infancy, but I felt there is more than enough flow of creativity along with skill showcased here that made me sit up and pay attention to these transfixing, percolating electronic-pop creations.

I don’t mind telling you that I’ve been on a bit of a Frankmusik music kick during my downtime over the past week or so, and in getting back into the groove of listening to new music, Wars inaugural “Hangover” release is playing into a similar effervescent glitchy electronic dance mode that I’ve come to associate with Vincent Frank’s own long playing debut “Complete Me” (man I loved the jeez out of that CD, still do!)

The listeners vote on the WarsHangover” EP, places the track “Sleep Talk” at the head of the pack, possibly an unfair advantage seeing as it was teased ahead of it’s other collective numbers. If truth be told, I’m quite partial to the upbeat energy given off on “Wolves” as this EP’s crowning glory although, having said that, each of these tracks bring out different elements that give some insight into the mass potential that with further nurturing should in all seriousness make Wars more noticeable than his indistinguishable name.

You really should down tools and just bump these tunes some!