I never quite found the time to write about Vlossom when the debut single first dropped in November. But was at the time left nonetheless impressed by the collaborations first offering “Catch Your Breath.” Nick Littlemore of PNAU and Empire of the Sun has a distinctive stylizing of dreamy sounds. Linking up with frontman of Australian indie rock band Cloud Control, Alister Wright for Vlossom proves no different.

Littlemore and his Empire of the Sun bandmate Luke Steele are creative, nomads who are each well known for their love of forming a side project. In learning that Vlossom emerged, while walking down the street one autumn day in Adelaide. Littlemore bumped into Wright and immediately proposed that they make an album together. “He had this exuberance that shone through as he approached me, and right away I felt compelled to offer myself up for the slaughter,” says Littlemore. (The press release advises.) Seems a spontaneous gesture as throwing a dice. However, speaks, a lot about, the strength of instinct of Littlemore’s gut feeling.

Vlossom has a debut EP ready to drop this year, “Catch Your Breath” acts as the introduction to both band project and the incoming mini album. The sense of feeling, of rebirth and transcending is seamlessly embedded into the dream-woven melody of the track, right down to the breathy exhale which precedes both music and vocals kicking in. The eye-catching music video by director Nicolas Randall was filmed in a mausoleum in Los Angeles. Hints at the meeting place between two worlds – plays on the otherworldly vibe. We see Alistair acting as a sort of spirit guide, who is in tune with both surroundings. He draws in, calming strength from the beautiful, energy around him. Spellbound by euphoria is the groove which intrinsically becomes encapsulated into the track. It is seeming like Vlossom wear their hearts on their synths with a quiet lushness that’s both captivating and soothing. What the project delivers is simply beautiful, music which is unequivocally demanding of your attention.

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