I’ve heard and seen a lot of good things written about emerging indie-pop artist Taylor UPSAHL, over the past eighteen months. The rising singer-songwriter who chooses to be known just as UPSAHL has been brought to my attention a few times via my music PR contacts. Yet, up until now, although I have been curious about her, I’ve haven’t been ready to go ahead and pledge my support of her artistic endeavours. The main reason fuelling my hesitancy, I was unable to gel with the style of her earliest releases. To speak truthfully, this has bugged me, because at just nineteen years old, she has racked up some seriously impressive credentials. I was given an early listen to the singers latest EP “Hindsight 20/20” a few days ago. It appeared to me, a shift has occurred, solidifying her sound and style on a stronger footing. Thus, forging my appreciation of her craft to click into place.

UPSAHL has a fresh vocal style, ultra modern with a cool outlook. But one of the biggest causes of excitement about her is, without doubt, her whip-smart lyricism. For someone so young, the Phoenix, AZ native is remarkably skilled in this craft. Listening to her songs, you will soon find out that there is always something interesting in them that will catch your ear and communicate with you. Additionally, she appears to have been born with a natural ability to meld emotive expression with organic pop as well. As a newcomer, who is charmingly a little bit off-centre. There is plenty to be excited about.

Stylistically not everything on the “Hindsight 20/20” EP suits my taste in indie-pop. Nonetheless, both UPSAHL’s vocals and lyrics are brilliantly dazzling. It is these talents which are shining out the most for me. “SMARTY” (Send Me All The Roses That You (want)) is a track which has me in my feels. I would consider this one, her most pop-sensible effort to date and on par with the aesthetic Bülow taps into. Similarly “Drugs” ventures some way forward into this realm as well. By far the most mesmerising taste off of the “Hindsight 20/20” for us.

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