French independent electronic music producer Uppermost has just released his new album “Perseverance“. While not hugely aware of the Paris based musician as yet, I took a spin into the latest long player and found it to be deftly, multi-genre spanning, highlighted by refined touches of French wave inspired electronics at its core. The producer who releases under his own Uppwind Records imprint has had work previously featured in the 2015 Mercedes-Benz Formula One advertising campaign. And released music through labels such as Sony and Ministry Of Sound. Really while Uppermost has been somewhat quietly making and releasing sweet, chilled and dreamy electronic music. During my research, an extensive Spotify library of tracks revealed he’s maybe not such a newbie after all.

In my brief introduction to the signature style of the Uppermost production cuts. I can see that the musician’s understated, sonically atmospheric style would lend itself well to a beautiful, soulful voice of an emerging singer-songwriter. We don’t, have to look any further than the album title track for an epic and powerful clarification of this. As the up-and-coming singer-songwriter, Harry Pane’s own incredibly honest style of storytelling helps to bring out a sense of deep-rooted emotion on the “Perseverance” album opening track. Even without the accompanying music video’s added assistance, showing a painter in the midst of a creative burn-out. Harry’s evocatively earnest singing style brings out feelings of struggle and despair. An underlying, tone of determination, powering through discloses a sense of resilience.

Uppermost’s spacious soundscapes are laced, with cinematic tinges which if anything allows the soft electronic pulses, sound even bigger. These beautiful, atmospheric soundscapes draw you in, enveloping your senses with swirling melodies that create images flickering between anticipation and thoughtful reflection. When next asked for my thoughts about Uppermost, I shall quite, simply, say this. It is elegant electronica, possessing a deep, and distinctive, French glow. It is unique as it is classy and will demand your full attention.

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