Emerging singer Torine began popping up on people’s radars as a participant on Norwegian idol, 2016. Her stunning, vocal prowess was soon spotted by multi-platinum certified DJ and producer Alan Walker. She has since appeared as an untitled vocalist on Walker, Tun-Gevaag and K-391 collaboration “Play” (a remake of the Mangoo classic “Eurodancer.”) This is was not to be her only appearance alongside Walker. She has also been on tour with the internationally-renowned DJ, as well. Music fans outside of Norway are now beginning to pick up on her too. The singer struck out with her first solo singles “Irresponsible” and “Dancing In My Sleep” last year. Together, with the latest offering “Make U Cry,” these tracks are beginning to form a lovely, impression of the newcomer’s, emboldened style, clear direction and brightly-hued, pop, intentions.

Torine’s dynamically empowering, vocals strike a similar resemblance to Zara Larsson’s smouldering, pop voice. On “Make U Cry,” Torine also exhibits a good dose of vulnerability, exuding from her topline. Where noticeably she has a really, sweet endearing way of allowing her emotions, to flood out. There is no hint of Alan Walker’s electro-house, influence in here. Strokes of luminous pop melody, help to define a softer-edged style in sound for her solo work.

Make U Cry” is a bitter song, about being vengeful, and wanting to hurt someone who has hurt you. The text is both vulnerable and intimate, a bit cynical and psycho, and shows several pages of me as both artist and person. I think and hope many people will recognise themselves in the song, and that it can inspire others to “give a little F,” which is ultimately the message of the song,” says Torine.

With Torine, above all, I feel exploring vulnerability in her vocal performance needs to be regarded as her biggest strength. As it is refreshing to hear a voice from a newcomer who isn’t trying to fit into the Billie Eilish gloom pop mould. Or neither has the slightest inclination of being the next Lady Gaga firmly in her sights, by going down the same road as Ava Max or Ali Chater. I am liking that she’s a young music artist who knows her worth, which leads me to speculate these are credentials of a future, force in pop for sure.

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