You might have already noticed Australian up-and-comer, Tones and I featured on recent Spotify New Music Friday playlists. This week the rapidly rising pop phenomenon (aka Toni Watson) earned her first top 40, place on the UK Official Singles Chart. While going thirty-nine steps better to secure the #1 spot on the Irish Official Singles Chart.”Dance Monkey” is the catchy song which is getting the former busker from Melbourne, Victoria noticed.

Throughout recent months the track has brewed up a storm in her native Australia as well as Sweden and Norway. It is interesting but not at all surprising that the Scandinavian’s picked up on “Dance Monkey” so fast. Because when I heard this song, the first thought which occurred to me was, something in her voice reminds me of ALMA to a degree. Little nuances in the singer’s delivery lead me to feel this way. Also, you’ve got to admit, there is more than a passing resemblance to ALMA, in her press photos. For a hot minute, I did secretly wonder, if I might be looking ALMA’s twin sister and back-up singer Anna-Livia masquerading under a new guise.

The quirky, video for “Dance Monkey” has turned over more than nine million plays in little more than two months. It’s fair to say even though the song is only now slowly making an impact in the UK. It has already earned the title of summer hit of 2019 elsewhere. Although I feel the jaunty song could be, unfairly seen as a novelty by some. The truth is, the track is only a taster of Tones and I. Debut EP “The Kids Are Coming” arrived on Friday and the title track slays. The track has a melodically fun vibe, thoughtful, provocative and socially conscious subject matter yet, more importantly, is refreshingly distinctive. The EP does rather act like a broadsheet, where tracks like “Colourblind” make good use of singers soulful singing voice, and pop sensibility presides over “Johnny Run Away” and “Never Seen The Rain“. Tones and I is more than a one-trick pony. She is a new real hope on the pop landscape. Debut EP “The Kids Are Coming” is captivating and absolutely, irresistible and affirms she is one to watch. Tune in now!

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