I love it best when I look into my inbox and pick out an email about a new artist I haven’t heard a single thing about before. I thought Tjye has an interesting name, it stood out to me, and I was sent over a, very nice press photo as well. Too often, pop newcomers don’t realise how important it is to put a good press package together, especially the DIY acts. I recognise these are the people who have limited or budgets of next-to-nothing. When like me, you have hundreds upon hundreds of email submissions flooding in during the course of a week. A good press photo becomes a good guide, to grab attention, for a music blogger such as myself.

From his name alone, I didn’t suspect Tjye was originally born in London (before moving away to live in France.) I thought his smart, side-parted, blond hairdo was a big clue that he was Scandinavian. Before releasing his debut single “Sirens Calling” he’s achieved quite a lot in the music business. Supported Sir Tom Jones, performed with Rebecca Ferguson and has been writing with Jud Mahoney (Michael Jackson) and John McLaughlin (Westlife.)

Sirens Calling” is a solid electronic-pop song, which begins in a subtle way. Spotlighting Tjye’s impressive soulful voice flanked by acoustic guitar in the verses of the song. The chorus brings with it a full explosion of electronic pop colours. It is bold and anthemic. Above all else the track doesn’t stay in the one place, it’s nicely diverse and dynamic. In terms of a debut release, the song has a good energy and the lyrics are full of substance and class. When all said and done the track is too catchy not to appreciate. I have only this one track to go on, but Tyje shows a good deal of potential and accomplishment, and my ears are eager to hear more.

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Twitter: @tjyetjye
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tjyetjye/