Summer has been slow to start this year here in the UK, but that’s OK because it is not like there have been many music gigs or festivals we can go to as yet. The news is, this is all set to change. The long-awaited go-ahead will be announced next week. With this in mind, I think we need to get a head start on discovering some of the emerging talents and artists on the rise. Especially when it comes to clubs, DJ’s and production outfits. Their art has suffered more than most during the closure of venues, owing to the pandemic. Staking her claim for a summer hit. Rising musician and producer Tenaj is out of the gate early, fusing the lines between dance and pop music, with pristine, offering “Never Let Me Go“.

Switzerland native Tenaj has a love of electronic music. The bigger the beats, the better appears to be the mantra that feeds through to her catalogue of enlivened offerings to date. The Los Angeles-based producer has got it all worked out. She harnesses energy then translates it into compelling, feel-good dance floor anthems. Where the production is on point while utilizing a lively soundscape and her own enticing vocals.

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Never Let Me Go” is the kind of track that is easy to become swept up in. The pulsing beats and driving rhythm both being the perfect catalyst, ensuring a club peppered with club-goers will be guided to lose their inhibitions on the dance floor. Checking out the video for this track. It seems to me, Tenaj really does need to get back to playing in the club environment pronto. As she can be seen dancing in a bathtub fully, clothed and everything. There are flashes of neon and glitter to be seen, also. Which do indeed elicit the sense of being inside a club, at least.

Everything about the artistry of Tenaj is striking and impressive. And what makes her an emerging artist, you should know.

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