I recently came across the track “Mr Celsius” on my Spotify recommendations. The day I discovered this, I was in a carefree mood, and I had gotten myself deeply into the rabbit hole of clicking links recklessly. I guess I had the idea if I pressed that many links, finally something good and, as yet undiscovered by me, would turn up. It was the song “Mr Celsius” by Nashville act Teddy at Night that broke my cycle of click, link, and repeats. I was most certainly awoken by “Mr Celsius” that is for sure. A vibrant electro-rock, 80’s synth-pop explosion of sound greeted my ears.

In truth, I haven’t heard a track that sounds like this since Manchester band The Whip released their debut album “X Marks Destination” (a firm favourite of mine on its release in 2008). The Whip made scorching hot, sleazy electro, and it excited the hell out of me. It has been a long time since I had similar feelings for an electro-rock track. When Teddy at Night appeared, I found myself immediately living in strange electronic dreams with the edgy track, “Mr Celsius“.

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I had to find out more about this artist. Digging around online, I discovered Teddy at Night is Teddy Boldt former drummer of the electro-rock act Family Force 5. This news explains a lot about the sound of this emerging project from Teddy Boldt, and why the drums go especially hard. (Rather like Animal from the muppets). The vocals sound quite Prince-inspired to me, while the music clearly does not. “Mr Celsius” is a melting pot, an exuberant electro-clash of styles. The track is pegged together by a booming bassline, new-wave synths and jangling guitars, which gives the track, an alt-pop feel.

I don’t really know any more about Teddy at Night or “Mr Celsius“. Listening, to the track makes me feel A-L-I-V-E. I do know this much.

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