Up-and-coming LA singer Symon, sure has everything of a summer hit waiting to happen on her hands.

The one time singer with burgeoning pop/rock band The New Officials is really in the throes of getting herself noticed right now. The accent is very much on promote! promote! promote!, which is just what she must be doing at present, being that debut single “Say” is such a powerful tool to launch with.

Something tells me Symon is all too aware of the massive opportunity she has with this song “Say”, and to be honest having had a brief taste of being in a band who went on the road with Demi Lovato on her “Neon Nights” tour, she knows how to work the machine to her advantage, I think!

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I must confess I first heard “Say” on Spotify a few weeks ago and thought to myself, that perhaps it was a little too early to be shooting out such a sunshine pop song, as generally I have found that these kind of tracks do not really begin making some impact until we hit mid May going into June. Having said this though, it seems the influx of summer pop anthems have arrived a touch earlier this year.

Being that Symon is currently on a radio tour in the US promoting this same, super catchy song, I quite feel it’s radio friendly vibes should stand it in good stead over the next few months and the potential it has to actually make it to radio, very much appears a given.

The term I would most attribute to “Say” is Hip-pop. Which is mainly down to Symon’s grasp of sassy word-play. Infact, she’s really looking to her Idol in Gwen Stefani on this track, as it’s got the nod-in of Stefani’sThe Sweet Escape” giving it life.

The biggest justice served on “Say” would be getting that radio play secured, since it’s easily the kind of song which has the right summery infused blend to see it easily cross-over into the clubs. If this happens, the world could be Symon’s oyster for a quick minute. Beyond that who knows, until we hear what else Symon has to offer us. In “Say” though it’s a real boptastic pop treat, to behold.