You know I don’t usually cover EP or album reviews on site. Since being sent an EPK for “American Dreeming” the debut EP release from LA-based pop newcomer Sylas Dean, to check out. I have to admit to spending quite a lot of time listening to the newcomer’s EP, lately. Yet by the same token, this artist introduction has been quite unusual. In that, I’m not normally sent an EP in its entirety from an artist who is pretty much, as it were, ready-formed. Or one who understands the importance of having good quality promotional/press photos, in the way Sylas and his team does. Flicking through Sylas’s impressive EPK was like a breath of fresh air, and made me want to find the time to listen to everything.

I am liking how the “American Dreeming” EP exhibits a distinctive pop vibe and how noticeable it is that Sylas is following his own path and style. I detect his vocal has somewhat of a rock edge that when counter-balanced with danceable electronic pop melodies, produces somewhat more of a glam-rock aesthetic. He is both talented and artful, while his songwriting skills are exemplary. (He is the sole writer on the EP). Of the five tracks, EP opener “Shine” is the one that is grabbing a lot of focus. It is a particularly dreamy, electro-pop effort where, in the verses, Sylas coos rather than, sings. On “Shine” we are met with a flood of positivity while sensing all the love and feel good feelings of a special relationship. But it is just one taste on the EP. If you’re hankering for something with a darker allure, but it is also danceable “Say My Name” ticks this box.

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I’m rather enamoured with the track “Two of Us” because it wears a kind of assertiveness on its sleeve, which I really like and appears less of a mainstream offering.

After listening, the EP will leave you feeling some kind of way. Not least that Sylas Dean oozes a bucket load of charisma and his effortlessly cool sound enthrals. I think you’ll agree he’s got style and panache and is quite interesting. Moreover, there is something quite cool about him.

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