These are times when record labels are each looking for their own Dua Lipa’s, the Billie Eilish’s and Lana Del Rey’s. As I mentioned when covering the Irish newcomer Stacey Dineen the other week, the search has already begun for the next Tate McRae and Mimi Webb. The next generation of emerging pop artists sought after next will undoubtedly be those similar to Olivia Rodrigo and Lauren Spencer-Smith. This well-versed conversation leads me to the singer-songwriter Syd. A breakout alt-pop recording artist from Austin, Texas.

Looking at her, you might not expect she has her own Billie Eilish / Lana Del Rey kind of pop groove thing going on. Let me tell you, it’s uncanny how similar these types of music are to what Syd does. The most current release, “Medicine,” is an excellent example of this.

If you notice the poetic style of the track’s lyrics, there is a good reason for this. She began writing poetry aged 7. Currently 20, the up-and-coming alt-pop Texan princess is blending a plethora of past and present poetic writings to create her new image as an artist/musician. Much of her work revolves around her pains and struggles with love.

“Writing is honestly my personal therapy. It plays a huge role in how I cope with personal hardships. When writing, that hardship helps me amplify my message for the sake of the song.” Syd states.

Describing Syd, I would say she has the ‘now’ sound. The kind of sad-girl-alt-music where she places herself in her feelings. Syd makes no secret of the fact and cites Lana as a significant influence on the music she currently has in the works. Lana started the sad-girl, dream-pop trend, so it’s no wonder Syd looks to the star for inspiration. “She embraces her negative experiences and is not afraid to sing about them,” Syd acknowledges when speaking about Lana.

In her early career, Syd should anticipate many comparisons with the queens of sad girl pop. Amid her smoky voice and hypnotic soundscapes draped in dream pop romanticism. It is not difficult to pick out rather than being in the spotlight, Syd is the spotlight. Make no mistake, it will not be long before we hear more praise from many others being directed her way.

Connect with Syd
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sydmusicofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sydneypalmieri
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sydneypalmieri/