Isn’t it funny how we can inform an opinion about something based on being given only a little information or details? We are more inclined to click a link when we see a picture of an attractive dude promoting it. Choice of words is just as, if not more important. If someone sent me a track called vomit fruit I would definitely not listen to it, as it sounds most unpleasant.

The same applies to Australian indie-pop artist Sycco who I wasn’t enamoured with at first look. Her output consists of tracks titled, “Nicotine“, “Germs” and “Dribble” and thus made her material appear bracketed towards the grunge strand of indie-pop. I was, however, prompted to take a peek at her tracks after noticing she has signed with the Australian independent record label Future Classic. (Home to such splendid Australian artists as Flume, Flight Facilities, G Flip and Wafia.) I am glad I changed my mind and took a look at her. Because she really is a very good new talent. Has a desirably cool vibe, which I love. And despite my misgivings “Dribble” is a bona fide gem.

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Restrictions put in place due to the pandemic are now being lifted across Australia. Therefore, we can expect to see new music releases from OZ are beginning to reflect this. I have definitely noticed the impact Australian music is now making again, having recently covering pop artists Sheppard, Nic Pes and TIN for the blog. More importantly, those lucky enough to be going to a festival in Australia are quite likely to find Sycco on the bill. (I haven’t researched extensively but have noticed she is linked with a few.) Undoubtedly she will bring out her sophomore effort on Future Classic “My Ways.” A hazy, indie-pop effort steered by lounge style electronic beats. A track Sycco (Sasha McLeod) has written about her lockdown/pandemic experiences.

“Been sleeping in my jeans all week.” “What happened to the days it was just last week.” Sycco ponders. “My ways, I’ve been stuck the same for months, now,” Sycco speaks for all of us. Sycco is a very, cool lyricist and I am excited by her. I think she will have a very successful festival season when it lifts-off in Australia. Beyond that, while under the Future Classic umbrella we can get to know Sycco’s music better as she won’t be disappearing any time soon.

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