Merely going by name alone since, there is little information to hand regarding New York based up-and-coming singer Své, we have the inkling that unsigned pop newcomer is most probably of an Eastern European heritage. In listening to her music though it is harder to define, there is a definite alternative edge transversing both of the two tracks that Své has put out to date.

Debut release “Talking To The Walls” went straight in at the jugular with opulent use of cinematic dark pop intrigue and powerful anthemic qualities, coupled by potently rendered shifts in vocal dynamics which when together brought forth a superly spectacular debut effort, if truth be told.

What of course one begins to ponder when such an immense debut pops up online is, is there more of the same pop slayage in the bank? and can it be built upon? In the case of Své both answers resound in a yes, as newly released follow-up “Riot” is now proof of.

Taking a lead from a direction rooted in indietronica and fashioned by a sprinkling of synth pop sensibilities, “Riot” also comes armed with one slamming colossus of a power chorus that due to it’s heart-stopping and breathtaking tendencies might do well to come with some kind of cautionary warning before it gently builds and leaps right out of the tenderly given and moodily enhanced vocal performance, overall.

With two tracks out of the bag now there is cause to err in safer conclusion that Své is really working up something of great appeal and of all round pop awesomeness that she is without doubt, definitely to be seen as one the best potential pop newcomer candidates to breakout and achieve through the extent of self motivated and word of mouth promotion alone in recent months.