When my pile of submissions flood every New Music Friday, it is the not so obvious, releases which pique my interest the most. To really, get my attention there has to be something else, aside from being just a tuneful song. I received a tip-off this week about Manchester songstress Stephanie B and her debut track “Bedroom Friends.” I was fully expecting my ears, to be met with R’n’B pop of sorts but instead, my eyes were opened to, an upbeat electronic-pop song with a melody so catchy, infectious that it’s continued looping over and over in my head spontaneously, without a moments notice.

As pop songs go, melodically the track is among the cutest, fun loving kind with a dusting of sugary appeal. The vocals have a more mature sound which helps steer the track from going full-on, saccharine sweet and uber shiny. On the face of it “Bedroom Friends” is an uncomplicated pop song, quite minimal in its orchestration, for the most part, solely relying on a big driving melodic hook which sounds out like chirpy, whistling birdsong. When all said and done, I found the song prettily adorable, and an invigorating listen.

What might not be so easy to understand about Stephanie B. And why I’m interested in her at this very early point in her pop music career (which you won’t get from the audio stream alone.) Is she’s a drummer turned multi-instrumentalist who is bringing all of her musical talents to the front of the stage, like a youthful, female version of Youngr. I’ve sneaked in an example of Steph doing her thing below.

Needless to say. I am loving, everything about this artistic side to Stephanie B. Even though similarly drummer/singer-songwriter Florrie has been around many years, bashing the skins and recording twinkly electronic pop songs. We are not alerted to female musicians/singer-songwriters like this often. Putting my head above the parapet and as a woman myself, we are fabulous multi-taskers. I think it would be great to see a few more lady musicians stepping forward putting all their music skills on show, in ways like this.

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